Code for Ordering from a Bartender

Code for ordering from a bartender:

  • Neat: Serve my drink straight from the bottle at room temperature. Scotch neat.
  • Up: Stir or shake my drink with ice and serve it to me without ice in the glass. If you prefer one or the other, here’s your chance to be James Bond. Vodka martini shaken.
  • Rocks: Serve my drink on ice. Makers on the rocks please.
  • Dry, Sweet, Perfect: When ordering a vermouth drink, specify how you would like it prepared. Dry Rye Manhattan Up.
  • Dirty: When ordering a martini, you can request that it be prepared dirty. The bartender will add a bit of the olive juice to your cocktail to make it a bit saltier.
  • Double. When ordering any drink, you may specify how strong you want it by asking for a double. You are doubling the liquor and doubling the price. This works for most basic drinks. Whiskey and make it double.
  • Twist: For the twist lemon is default, specify if you’d like something out of the ordinary for that drink, keeping in mind that they only have lemons, limes, oranges, and cherries. Dry Bourbon Manhattan on the rocks with an orange twist.
  • Mixers and a splash of this or that: Most of the time the mixer is in the name of the drink. But otherwise, the bargun has soda, tonic, cran, sprite, coke, sour, and diet. Gin and tonic with a splash of sprite.
  • Chasers and back are ordered with a shot to wash it down. In the old days, you would ask for a whiskey with a water back. The bartender would give you a whiskey and a short glass of water to drink with it. A chaser is more of a full drink to have after your shot. Shot of bourbon with a beer chaser.
  • If you want a specific spirit, say it before the drink name. It’s the first thing the bartender grabs. Ketel One Martini Up with a twist.
  • If you are clumsy, you can even specify your glass. Brandy Old Fashioned with a splash of sprite in a lowball.
  • Wet or tall: if you prefer your drink to be a little more dilluted, you can ask for it in a taller glass, and you will get a bit more mix. Asking for it wet will result in the drink ordered but more mix and less ice in a normal glass.

Source: Reddit

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