How to make it through the healing process

When you’re hurt it may feel like the hurt may never end, that the healing is too slow, that you won’t be better again.  How do you make it through the healing process without falling into despair?

Be patient.  Wounds take time to heal and they will take as much time as they want to.  All you can do is wait, so don’t stress, just go with it and be patient.  Focusing on other things can help distract you until you are recovered.

Focus on yourself

Focus on the positives

Focus on what you can do

Focus on your daily practice

When hurt, it is easy to begin comparing yourself to others who are not hurt and making yourself feel bad in the process.  Don’t.  Focus on understanding where in the healing process you are and listening to yourself to know what nutrition/aid you need to heal optimally.

When hurt, it is easy to realize how much you have lost and become negative. Don’t.  Focus on what you still are fortunate to have, and on how things could be worse but aren’t.

When hurt, it is easy to start filling your memory with a list of things you can no longer do.  Don’t.  Instead, focus on finding out what you still can do, and focus on enjoying those things.

When hurt, it is easy to break your healthy habits which are key to your recovery.  Don’t.  Use whatever little willpower you have to make sure you are on the road to recovery and not on the road to continued pain.

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