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Find Perspective with 5 Thoughts on Life in 2018

In this post, I’d like to share some thoughts I’ve had that helped me accept reality and find peace.  I hope by reading about them, you can gain that same benefit. The dates are the day I recorded the thought:

1.  2/25/18

To fly a plane you need a license, because you’re responsible for the lives of many. Yet to be a parent, you don’t need a license, despite also being responsible for lives.  So if you had bad parents, this is likely why: they didn’t go through parent training.  And if you think ill of someone else, realize that they may have been a product of bad parents.  Parenting is hard, and this world sadly does not do a good job training parents.

2. 3/4/18

Taking a vacation helped me to focus on the future and not the past.  While on vacation, I realized I’m spoiled because I have much to appreciate and be grateful for.  I also realized that I’m much older than I was the last time I took a vacation, so time is running out for me to live life. Thus I need to take more time to enjoy life and move on from the problems of the past or else I’ll run out of time before I know it.

3. 6/21/18

We celebrate success more than we celebrate the courage to try.  Society should reward failure, because daring to try and fail takes as much strength as daring to try and succeed.

The greatest lie we’ve been taught is that effort always means success, and failure always means a lack of effort.  The truth is that luck matters, and being unlucky matters.  By celebrating only the successful, we teach people not to take risks.  As a result, we have raised a generation of scaredy cats so afraid to be themselves that they would commit suicide than risk failing.

The saddest part of this is that they are committing suicide because they are afraid of failing to become someone they are not, because they don’t have the courage to even set their goal to be themselves.  To successfully be someone they are not is a fundamentally impossible and unreasonable request, so an entire generation is setting themselves up for failure, and then not having the skillset to handle failure, and so therefore setting themselves up for depression and mental health issues which come with the shunning that society wrongly gives to those who fail.

4. 7/9/18

When faced with a problem, you can change yourself or change the world.  Sometimes it’s correct to change the world. Sometimes it’s correct to change yourself.  A problem I’ve faced recently is that I am a sensitive person, so I get hurt by insensitive people.  How do I solve this problem?  I can either become insensitive myself, or I can convert the world’s insensitive people into sensitive people.  I want to live in a world where people are considerate of others, so I intend to use this platform to provide sensitivity training for people who lack the skills of sensitivity.

5. 8/13/18

Masculinity might be a response to mortality
I was thinking about how I could convince an insensitive person to take the time and energy to learn how to be sensitive, and so I tried to imagine what would motivate that person to take action.  So I looked at the actions that insensitive people take and it’s often to be macho man and be strong and dominating.  So then I asked why someone would overly express certain emotions.  Psychology says imbalance is a sign of overcompensating for something, so with that lead I presume insensitive people act strong out of the fear of being weak. What’s wrong with being weak? It means you’re mortal. Thus, masculinity may be a response to mortality.
When something disrupts a macho man, they feel threatened and so they respond with anger rather than compassion. Responding with compassion is coming from a place of strength: security, and then abundance, and then to give help.  Responding with anger is coming from a place of weakness: insecurity, and so fear, and so uncontrollable emotions.
To counteract mortality, insensitive people crave and chase power, status, respect, and conquest over others, because in their mind it distances themselves further from mortality.
They tell each other to ignore their emotions, suck it up and move on, because they are afraid that they are too weak to handle the emotions. They can’t afford the time, energy, resources that understanding their emotions would take, so out of that fear and insecurity they respond to their emotions by shutting down their emotions.


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Tools for Optimal Performance

This post will be updated over time to be a list of resources for achieving optimal performance.

  • over focus and over concentration causes worse performance. So focus less and go on autopilot for the things you normally do and should autopilot
  • write things down so that they exit your mind rather than stick inside
  • Anxiousness is contagious: if you run into other people who are anxious, you are likely to mirror it
    • Systematic Culture like “math is hard” causes us to associate emotions that hold our performance back
    • Change your attitude to change your performance

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Software Engineer Interview Tips

Say you don’t know the answer when you don’t know the answer. (Footnote 1)


Footnote 1 From Reddit:

I hire quite a bit and my biggest red flag is people who profess to know the answer to every question and never admit to not knowing something. I have a couple of really-too-advanced-for-the-role technical questions that I keep in my back pocket and use almost entirely to see what people will say when they DON’T know the answer. Being able to tell me how you find out information you don’t know (and showing me that you don’t mind admitting not being perfect/asking questions) is WAY more valuable than “acing” an interview quiz.

(This is also one of the most valuable traits of an employee – if you don’t know something/screw up, admitting it will win you WAY more points than you trying to hide it/cover your tracks. Coming clean about a screwup – assuming it’s not a habit, obviously – shows me you are both honest and confident.)

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