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Newsletter May 21 2016

I thought this was a good article on how character is more important than skill.  Remember that in this world, you are not the only person who exists, and you are not the only person who matters.  Whether you are better than someone else serves only to influence decisions in one dimension: Work.  It means nothing in the dimension that we spend most our time in: Life.  Balance work and life, and don’t spend all your time thinking with a work mindset.


This touching UC Berkeley Commencement Speech by Sheryl Sandberg highlights the importance of gratitude in making it through tough times.  No matter how bad it gets, find a way things could be worse, and appreciate that it didn’t happen.  Remember what has happened, and accept and appreciate the joy that isn’t being focused on because the pain is overshadowing the joy.

A touching reminder that love exists.

An important reminder that context is everything. If you find yourself not having success, consider that it wasn’t so much your failure to act appropriately, but your failure to act in the right time and place.