Streaming Mondays

Tune in Mondays at 8:30PM PST, 11:30PM EST for a Live Stream where you can ask questions and have discussions with me.

I will post previous videos on my Youtube Channel

Misc. Notes to myself for Future Video Ideas

I also make 2 part videos. Part 1 is “How to overcome ___” part 2 is “Drama story of my experience with ___” separate the two, reference both. One shows growth, the other shows empathy compassion etc.  so I can share my story without being deemed crazy; show I’m well adjusted and learned from it.  

How to Overcome Layoffs or Failure and Loss in General

How to Overcome Social Isolation

How to Overcome Suicide

How to Overcome Death Threats

How to Overcome Loss -> See Loss as an exciting opportunity to learn and grow because if you never lose you never find our weak points.

How to Overcome Abuse

How to Be A Warrior

How to Be A Civilian

How to Recover from Putting 7-10, N years into Something and Losing It All

How to Overcome the Fear of Reality: Denial


“Watch me Heal”