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About AttemptedLiving – Improve Yourself to Make the World a Better Place.  Improve Mental Health as a means to Reduce Wealth Inequality.

Life Education Curriculum – Attain Emotional Intelligence as well as learn How to think, How to feel, How to live.  I teach How to think and not What to think because it is necessary for your own health and self confidence and self esteem to decide on your own what to think, feel, and do.

Rich vs. Poor Series – Learn from how rich people gain wealth, and from how poor people lose wealth.

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  • Life Experience — Maturity, Knowledge, Awareness, Perception, Conscientiousness
  • How to achieve and be exceptional in performance
  • How to handle external setbacks and difficulties from people and things
  • How to overcome internal emotions and challenges
  • Social Commentary
    • Mental Health
    • Wealth Inequality
  • Educational Curriculum on certain topics
    • How to Achieve
    • Life Maturity

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