Choose Love because Pain is Guaranteed

  • The Fallacy of Protection
    • In Spiderman No Way Home (Spoilers) everyone forgets who Peter is at the end of the movie, so Peter has a choice: to let them back into his life or not. He chooses not to let them into his life to protect him. Watching this scene today I had a revelation.
    • You think that by not involving your loved ones in your life you can spare them pain caused by you. But the truth is, life is suffering. If they don’t experience pain caused by you, it will be caused by something else. The pain will never go away. So if they can have pain and also love, then don’t rob them of love. Give them love to ease the pain that will come anyway. 

Do not shy away from love because of the pain. Pain is guaranteed. Love isn’t. Take every chance you have at love because it’s not guaranteed to come again.

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