Rich vs. Poor Series

Highlight habits that result in wealth and poverty. Explore why a poor environment teaches habits that perpetuate poverty, and why a rich environment teaches habits that perpetuate wealth. You can apply these lessons to your life and get rich!

I hope this knowledge can 1. Reduce class warfare and hate by promoting understanding and empathy between the rich and poor, and 2. Educate the poor on how they can improve their own situation.  

Here is the Full Outline of the material I hope to turn into articles: Rich vs. Poor Notes: Mildly Organized

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Socioeconomic Mobility

Value Systems – Rich vs. Poor

Perspectives on Wealth

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These articles frame problems in relation to wealth inequality specifically to draw insight from that comparison; there are exceptions to the assumptions made, and wealth inequality is not the only factor at play in the bigger picture.

Scarcity vs Abundance theme is the idea that your decision making in the face of abundance is different from your decision making in the face of scarcity, and it is this decision making logic that gives rise to different habits and behaviors.

Why poor people make rash decisions for short term profit that keep them poor while failing to achieve happiness from the short term profit, therefore keeping them stressed and in a condition to make poor choices.  – Reddit

What Poverty Does to the Young Brain – New Yorker. While wealth does not improve one’s brain, poverty does diminish one’s brain in the early years of child development.