AttemptedLiving wants to improve your life by sharing knowledge from life experience gained through attempting to live. Goals for this company are to:

  • Improve mental health as a means to reducing wealth inequality.
  • Provide Education for Life that empowers people to be honest with themselves and with others, so they can ultimately make the healthy and genuine relationships and introspective improvements that result in upward mobility.
  • Give you love, compassion, kindness, and resources to improve your life.

I believe mental health is achieved by having empathy for yourself, empathy for others, and acquiring the communication skills to develop relationships with relationship skills. Furthermore, I believe subsets of depression and suicide can be solved by defusing bad logic and inaccurate conceptions about reality.  All of this will be addressed on AttemptedLiving.

I discovered that many habits picked up from a childhood in poverty prevent success, and many habits picked up from a childhood in wealth promote success.  In my Rich vs. Poor Series (part of the Life Education Curriculum), I explore both childhoods so you can understand how to live a richer life.

Many people have no-one to help them, no-one who gives love, compassion, kindness, charity, to them.  Therefore, this site is my attempt to package and distribute as much as I can of that to as many strangers as possible who want it.

Check out the Life Education Curriculum and my Curriculum Philosophy.

Questions, Comments: ceo@attemptedliving.com.

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