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Personal Financial Status Update

This post with category “Finance” is a self blog post to keep myself thinking about my finances in a productive and healthy way. It’s mostly for myself, and if you find it informative that’s great too.

January (High Spend)
— New Phone

February (Low Spend)
— Credit Card Fees

March (Low Spend)
— LA Food Family

April (Low Spend)
— Car Insurance and Food for Happiness

May 2021 (Low Spend)
— Gifts to friends and family

June (Medium Spend)
— Credit Card Fees
— Textbooks

July (Medium Spend)
— Increased spending on Doctors during check ups and follow ups.
— Increased spending on groceries to build fridge full of food for cooking.
— Increased spending on socializing (bridge tolls, restaurants, tennis court rentals, gas).

— Goal: Social

— Goal: Level up on Knowledge and Education

— Goal: Enjoy the Autumn Season

— Goal: Enjoy the Holiday Season

— Goal: Really Enjoy the Holiday Season