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EQ and IQ – Rich vs Poor

How does EQ and IQ move you from poor to rich and vice versa?

The poorest people have no EQ and no IQ. If you can’t get along with anyone and you can’t solve any problems, you will become poor.

The next richest people have EQ but no IQ. These people can’t solve their problems in life but can make friends and maintain relationships which are the ingredients to happiness and health. So these people are happy and healthy.

The next richest people have IQ but no EQ. These people are wealthy but sad. They can solve their own problems, but no-one likes them.

The richest people have both EQ and IQ. These people are wealthy and happy. They solve their problems and they have meaningful relationships to bring them meaning to life and joy to life.

If you are starting with no EQ and no IQ, you have to pick one to begin with. Which should you pick?

If you start by building EQ, then you will have the emotional stability to do the work to build your IQ.

If you start by building IQ, then you will earn money that you can invest in learning EQ.

The issue with starting to build EQ is that socializing is extremely expensive financially. You need to be well off to have free time and money to make friends. Realistically, if you are starting off poor with no EQ and no IQ, you can only escape poverty through IQ.

I wish you luck. Let’s make it to the top together with both EQ and IQ 🙂

Choose Carefully Who You Share Your Story With

I want to be understood, so I try to build genuine authentic relationships based on the full truth of my life. Doing so has gotten me deeply hurt because I opened myself up. I’ve learned to be selective with who I share my full truth with, and I advise you do the same.

After many years, I’ve learned some people consistently respond nicely, some people respond based on the mood they are in, and some people always respond rudely. Some people can be trusted with the information, and some people will use that information to hurt you with it.

To protect yourself, don’t share your inner most stories with people who don’t deserve to hear it.  When I tell it to the wrong person and they invalidate me and criticize and attack me and take the other side, it hurts me deeply and causes me much mental and emotional anguish which I can avoid by not telling them the story.  Keep track of how they have responded in the past and if they consistently hurt you, do not reach out to them again.

Choosing the right person to open up to is especially important in a time of need. Don’t set yourself up for failure and pain by trusting the wrong person at the wrong time. Learn to protect yourself and keep your story to yourself. Accept the world as it is and act accordingly. 

I used to want to believe that the world was a safe place. I used to want to believe that people were good. I used to want to believe that I could make the world a good and safe place by acting as if it was. I realize now that is living in denial and causing me self-harm. The facts and data show the world is not safe and there are people who are not good, so to ignore this is to live in denial. Living in denial, opening up myself to people who are hurtful to me just harms myself, and self harm is not good.

In conclusion: be selective in who you open up to. Find the good people over time and hold onto them.

Personal Financial Status Update

This post with category “Finance” is a self blog post to keep myself thinking about my finances in a productive and healthy way. It’s mostly for myself, and if you find it informative that’s great too.

January (High Spend)
— New Phone

February (Low Spend)
— Credit Card Fees

March (Low Spend)
— LA Food Family

April (Low Spend)
— Car Insurance and Food for Happiness

May 2021 (Low Spend)
— Gifts to friends and family

June (Medium Spend)
— Credit Card Fees
— Textbooks

July (Medium Spend)
— Increased spending on Doctors during check ups and follow ups.
— Increased spending on groceries to build fridge full of food for cooking.
— Increased spending on socializing (bridge tolls, restaurants, tennis court rentals, gas).

— Goal: Social

— Goal: Level up on Knowledge and Education

— Goal: Enjoy the Autumn Season

— Goal: Enjoy the Holiday Season

— Goal: Really Enjoy the Holiday Season