Curriculum Philosophy

Historically, the age at which one became an adult was tied to the age at which one could serve the army: originally 21, lowered to 18 when the need for soldiers escalated as a result of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  I think it is less the number of years one has lived, and more the maturity one has achieved, that makes someone an adult.  This site provides a curriculum for someone who wants to be a mature adult.

Schools today teach knowledge without explaining why you should learn or what the context is with respect to your life, I provide this context.

Basic Knowledge

  1. Understand the world on its own.
  2. Understand yourself on your own.
  3. Understand yourself in relation to the world.
  4. Understand yourself in relation to others.

For Mental and Emotional Health

  1. Know yourself, Understand yourself, Accept yourself, Be yourself. (Empathy, and Learn to manage your Wheel of Emotions)
  2. Know someone else, Understand someone else, Accept someone else. (Empathy)
  3. Develop Communication (Social) skills and Relationship skills in order to develop relationships with others. (And make the world a better place: Julian Treasure Ted Talk)

For Success

  1. Build up Self Worth to handle honest criticism.
  2. Achieve Self-Awareness
  3. Work to achieve Physical Health, Mental and Emotional Health, Intellectual Health, Spiritual Health.  Same steps as Getting Out of Depression 

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