Be Happier by Restraining Your Superiority Complex

Today, when I see someone’s success or happiness, I am happy for them.  When I used to be motivated by superiority, I would immediately frame the situation in relation to myself, and find someway to build up my self worth by finding a reason why I’m better or finding a fault in what I’m seeing so that it’s worse than myself.  Having a superiority complex not only makes you selfish (which reduces your happiness by reducing good relationships, a source of happiness), but it also prevents you from being happy more often.  If you can only achieve happiness when you are superior, you are limiting your potential happiness by a lot!  If you can be happy whenever you see something good, then you will have a much happier life.

Where did this superiority complex come from?  I think it comes from society, media, the educational system, and your peers.

Society honors those who are superior, and gives them respect.  We place them in a higher social class.  This is fine, it’s how the system works.  The problem we interpret the fact that society doesn’t do the same for non-superior people, as that they perhaps don’t deserve it. We all crave and need some level of respect, for a life without any is a difficult one to swallow.  As a result, most people (since most people are not superior) develop a superiority complex to compensate for the lack of human decency given to non-superior people.  This results in a cycle of disrespect and superiority: the lack of respect causes superiority complexes, which result in a lack of respect given to those who need it, etc.  You can help prevent and end the cycle by preventing your own superiority complex and giving non-superior people respect as well: you are in charge of you.  ”Be the change you want to see in the world”

The media does the same: it focuses attention on what sells, sensational news, or what’s important or necessary to report.  Many people mistakenly believe this as implying that the news that isn’t reported, isn’t important and doesn’t deserve attention.  It might not deserve as much attention, and isn’t as important, but it still does deserve some attention: you should listen to local news just as much as you should be listening to national news and international news, if not more since local news affects you directly, while national and international news are much more distant and indirect.  People try to chase superiority in this respect by trying to build themselves up to a “regional” or “national” scale–by building up importance and superiority based on reach.  This again wouldn’t be necessary if we acknowledged people’s existence and efforts more often, regardless of superiority of success.

The education system awards and honors those who perform well.  Those who are superior and deemed at the top of the curve get the best grades and the best treatment, as well as awards and bright futures.  To the superior, much is given.  What about the rest of us?  The system gives very little, usually criticism, why didn’t you work hard, why aren’t you as good, you don’t deserve as much, etc.  All this serves to teach students, and therefore future citizens, that only the superior deserve good things, and that the non-superior deserve mistreatment.  This is horrible, and we should learn that it is wrong and not continue to do it, especially after you’ve graduated.  No more comparing superior titles or levels of success on the corporate rat race ladder: you shouldn’t need it to be heard.  Let’s remember the foundational teachings of America, and treat all men equally when it comes to respect.

Peers, reflecting the values that society, media, and education have taught them, perpetuate this cycle of superiority.  Let’s work together to end this cycle: treat people with decency, respect, and attention, regardless of how superior or not they actually are.

Having a superiority complex creates thoughts and comments that cut down others and prevent or reduce their happiness, while at the same time preventing and reducing your own happiness.  Achieve Self Worth (click for how) and you won’t need superiority!

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