Health or Money – Rich vs. Poor

Rich: Health, you can earn more money.  You have healthcare anyway, just go see a doctor.

Poor: What are you crazy, money over health: you can pay for healthcare when you’re rich.  Doctors and medicine when you’re rich.  Recovery when you’re rich.  Every day I go to work, I am choosing money over health: I am almost never healthy enough to be working, but I do anyway because I have to.  (See Sickness and Health – Rich vs. Poor to understand why health is negotiable).  You pay a-la-carte for doctors, and given your financial situation, it’s better to save money for when it’s actually life threatening than to go in to hospitals and pay their outrageous bills that wealthier people with healthcare can barely afford.  (See Perception of Money – Rich vs. Poor to understand this decision making for spending)

Rich: Have a mattress to sleep on

Poor: A mattress is a luxury for rich people

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