Physical Exercise Resources

Learn Yoga with very detailed explanations and pictures – doyogawithme

Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique - artofliving (Academic Paper - NCBI)

How to get a full body workout with no equipment - LifeHacker

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout – NYTimes

  • “Intervals workouts: run 1 laps at the track at your goal pace (mine is 6min, so slightly under 1:30 for the single lap). Repeat 4-8 times, with a few minutes of rest in between. Last one should really hurt. Once or twice a week.
  • Longer runs: 4-5 mile runs, don’t worry as much about time, just get some endurance in” – Jason Shen

Training Insights from Star Athletes – NYTimes 1. Stay focused during workouts, 2. Manage your energy–don’t burn out, 3. Structure your training: every aspect should serve a purpose, 4. Take risks: try, 5. The other guy is hurting too, take advantage of that

Advanced Training for a Marathon – HalHigdon

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