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Limit your time on electronic devices to improve your sleep and critical thinking while reducing aggression and risk of obesity. – Yahoo

Limit your time skimming on the internet, research shows time spent online lowers your ability to read slowly, comprehensively, and thoroughly – Washington Post

The Health Hazards of Sitting by The Washington Post explains how poor sitting posture and too much sitting can negatively affect your life.  Bad for Organs, Brain, Back, Muscles, Legs, and increases Mortality.  (Standing Desk Options)
More Resources: Sitting for More Than Three Hours a Day Cuts Life Expectancy – WSJ
Public Health Research: Sedentary behavior and life expectancy and The importance of non-exercise physical activity for cardiovascular health and longevity

Don’t go grocery shopping right after exercise or a work out–your body needs rest and food.  Plan the food ahead of time–the danger is that you’ll end up shopping at the grocery store longer than you expect, buying more than you expect, delaying your rest and food while expending more energy.

Don’t go to the grocery store while hungry–again, your body needs food so you should plan ahead for your own hunger. Shopping while hungry results in strange combinations of foods and impulse buys that waste money and aren’t healthy–sound decisions are better made while not starving.

Don’t exercise within 4-6 hours of sleeping, your body is typically energized by exercise, making it hard to sleep anyway, and it needs time to recover from exercise before it is ready for rest.

Don’t eat within 1-3 hours of sleeping because Eating Before Bed Causes Fatigue

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