Socioeconomic Mobility

A collection of articles related to the state of socioeconomic mobility.  New ones are added as they are found.

Paths to Wealth, Socioeconomic Mobility in America - A detailed look at the options available to Americans.

Friends as an Asset Class – An Investor’s Take on Friendship - Friendship as an indicator of Socioeconomic Mobility

SocioEconomic Mobility takes generations - NYTimes look at ancestors to predict chances of wealth

The Myth of the Self Made Man - The idea that you can achieve success without help is a myth.  The simplest argument is that when you were born, someone must have taken care of you and raised you.  When you grow up, you benefited from the lessons other people had to make mistakes to learn.  You did not grow up in complete isolation with only yourself to rely on.

Article explaining the challenges faced by those without computers or computer literacy–barrier to mobility in the computing age.

Low Wage Workers find it easy to fall into poverty, and difficult to escape – NYTimes

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