What is Love

  • Dangers of getting over-influenced by external rankings: Our value systems get screwed up when we see others, because then we start to compare ranks, which ruins the enjoyment and pleasure of what we have.
    • For example, I thought what my wife/husband did for me was wonderful, until I found out that someone else did something better.  The knowledge that someone else did something better makes me feel like my wife/husband isn’t as good as that other one who did the better thing.  
    • Tiger Woods: Standards for Dating.  Tiger gets caught having mistresses.  For couples everyone (credit Craig Ferguson), guys could now say, to get out of trouble, “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to take out the trash, I was too busy not cheating on you.”  This would ONLY work as an acceptable excuse if people judged their partner based on their objective rank within the grand scheme of society, or even just against other people they knew.  This is not the purpose of love: you should judge the person based on your own view of that person: you accept them or you don’t, work it out or you don’t.  It’s not a competition or comparison with other people.  Imagine if there was a running life rank of how great a husband or wife you were, would you let that rank dictate how much you should love your partner? I hope not. 

The above bullets are quoted from External Awareness

The State of Contemporary Love – Yann Dall’Aglio discusses the nature of love and value, and proposes a solution.

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