How to Meet People

Where to Meet People

  • Go outside for any reason at all, maybe you need some bread and milk <–funny video. The only person you’ll meet at home is a burglar, or a jehovah witness.
  • Google to find activities, hobbies, events near you that you’re interested in, or just go to one that you’re not interested in, just for the experience and to meet people.
  • Look for something interesting on
  • Next time a friend invites you to something, say yes.

How to Greet them

Smile, eye contact, good body posture (Understanding Your Body Image).

Speak clearly, confidently–don’t try half-heartedly.  Try completely and do it right in order to maximize your chances of success.  For strangers, your chances of success is low, so you want to do all you can to raise it.

List of Greetings

  • Hi, Hello, Hey, Excuse me, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening
  • How are you?
  • Comment on anything at all, but make it clear to the person that you’re talking to them through the above body language and confidence in delivery.  ”This is nice weather we’re having.”  ”That strawberry looks very juicy and ripe.”  ”I wonder if Frozen is a good movie.”

Conversation Resources

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