Understanding Respect

There are many different kinds of respect that often times are mistake for the same thing.  Here is a list of the different kinds of respect.  It is important to realize that the criteria for awarding each kind of respect varies from person to person.

Human Respect: the respect due to someone for simply being a human being.

  • Some people believe a level of politeness, human rights, and manners should be rewarded for all humans.
  • Some people don’t believe in human respect, and will disrespect you unless you earn the below alternative forms of respect

Deference: the respect due to personal values

  • Awarded when someone embodies the values and principles that you believe in
  • Example: Some people/cultures/societies value age, so older people are given deference.  Some people value youth, so youth is given deference.  Someone who is the same religion or political party as you.
  • You can respect someone for having something (possession [winning lottery ticket]) or for being able to do something (action [can jump 5 ft]).

Command Respect: the respect achieved by force

  • Social status, strength, fear, threat

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