Wise Business Quotes


“Don’t worry about doing something initially that will constrain you in the long term because if you don’t win in the short term there won’t be a long term anyway” – Paul Graham

His curiosity about the world and openness to it is summed up in the spirit of a Chinese-style calligraphy painting behind his desk. “Set your goals high; make friends with different kinds of people; enjoy simple pleasures. Stand on high ground; sit on level ground; walk on expansive ground.” – Li Ka-Shing

Li’s younger, more high-profile son Richard has a stake in a family trust but runs his own telecom empire. He says he follows two of his father’s business lessons. The first is to “leave something on the table for the other side” in business transactions because that will help to bring deals back to you in the ­future. The second is a message his father wrote down for him when he was younger: Success is all about planning, study­ing downside risk and execution; “arrogance leads to failure.”

“Where is my lead, what is my edge. Wherever you’re ahead, focus on that. If you’re trying to win, your opponent won’t give you the time to train your weaknesses, so push ahead and exploit your strengths.” – Day9

What do entrepreneurs know that no one else knows? – Quora

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