Rich Vs. Poor: Cutting People Out of Your Life

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Most people are taught that family is important, and that family and parents should be prioritized.  At the same time, people are taught to cut out bad people from their life.

Poor people are statistically more likely to have bad people in their life, and traditionally it is the parents, because if the parents were good they probably would have done better and wouldn’t be poor.  Thus, poor children have bad parents.  Imagine having someone who is in charge of your life, who constantly ruins your life.  Try succeeding in that environment.

The rich are taught to cut out bad people from their life, and this usually means they lose friends.  But for the poor? They have to learn how to cut out family members in order to move on and have a better life. They have to make a harder choice, and overcome a much more difficult obstacle than the rich in order to succeed in life.


Rich: have the luxury and means to cut people out of their life who are bad.

Poor: Even if they want to cut out bad people from their life, they don’t have the resources to.  Chances are the cops won’t protect them in their poor neighborhood, and they don’t have the money to fight back or move away from the persecutor.  So they are stuck.


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