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Parents/childhood may have overly punished you for certain behaviors and thus given you an inaccurate impression of how important those behaviors were.  Learn to overcome your childhood limitations.
At the same time, you will learn that some of those punishments are very valid, because the reality is even worse than the punishment your parents gave for breaking those rules.

There is a safety in having rules and regulations, they bring consistency into your life.  If you want to test rules, do them one or a few at a time.  Uprooting too much at a time generally results in chaos. There is a time and place for chaos, just make sure you know what you’re getting into ahead of time when you decide to uproot too much at a time.

Life is too short to be forcing yourself to feel bad about things. And it’s too short to be wasting time on what is working against you. For example, to join a group (school/club/company/etc) that doesn’t want you there. Unless you really know it’s what you really want, don’t waste time trying to win over people who don’t want you there. Invest in the people who do want you there. They will build you up emotionally and then you can use that to get to where you want to go.

Others view life as money because money can solve problems. I view life as skills because skills can solve problems and skills won’t leave you like money will.  The skill of catching a fish will generate a monetary value every time you go fishing. But the skill of buying a fish will cost you a monetary value every time you buy a fish.  Skills are an infinitely replenishing asset, while purchases are a one time depreciating asset.  (investments excluded)

who is right? Someone who uses money to solve problems, or me, someone who learns and gains skills.  The scalability of a single person’s skills is significantly capped compared to the scalability of an economic system with a financial system.  There’s no right or wrong…it’s just…different. I think it’s smarter to solve myself, others think it’s smarter to hire a professional.  There’s more to this but I won’t dive into it in this post.

Advice on calming down:

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