Thoughts on Trust

Trust of Corporate Entities is made up of 3 things: Empathy, Logic, and Authenticity. If your Manager/Leader gives you those 3, then you’re more likely to trust them

Trust of strangers through a website (Uber/Airbnb/BlaBlaCar) is made up of 3 things: Trust the Idea, Trust the Platform, Trust the Other User
Trust over time: Community Accountability -> Systems of Authority (Legal/Government/Institutions/Church) -> Distributed Systems of Trust (Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber)


Personally, to me, in order to trust a system like government, capitalism, education, etc., I need to be taught enough of it that I approve and accept how it works and why.  Example: I hated league of legends ranking because I thought it was flawed and the system was not reflective of my skill because teammates bad, etc.  But then I was convinced of the system, and experienced the ranking system working correctly when viewed over long periods of time, and then I realized that I can accept the system, and that I had enough tools and skills to assess my performance and learn and improve and see that work pay off. Then I became much more willing to invest in the system.

This principle to me is true for capitalism as well.  Before I understood capitalism, I hated it and believed it was the cause and source of all my suffering as a poor person.  Now I understand it’s use and what it’s good at, so I can understand why it exists despite the fact that it did and does and will continue to cause pain and suffering to those it wasn’t designed to serve.  Now I can participate knowing that it’s not a flawed system, it’s just a limited system.  The analogy is: The butter knife is used to put butter on bread, not to cut through tough steak.  If you try to misuse the butter knife you will have a hard time.  The steak knife is used to cut through tough steak, but if you try to use it to spread butter you’ll have a hard time. Capitalism was designed for use by the rich. It was not designed for the poor. Using capitalism on the poor is like using the wrong knife for the wrong purpose.  It doesn’t mean the knife is bad, it just means the use case and application is wrong.

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