3 Keys to Goal Setting Success

Goal setting isn’t easy.  Setting a goal is easy.  What is goal setting?  It’s not just picking a goal.

Goal setting is about picking

  1. The right goal
    – How big is this goal?  Is it going to be 3 steps over a few days, or a hundred step over months or years?
    – What category should you set your goal in? Should it be in art, math, relationships, etc?
    – How likely are you going to be able to succeed at this goal?  1%? 90%?
  2. For you
    – Why did you decide to set this goal? Is it because parents/society? Is it because you want to achieve it? is it because you want to get something after you achieve it?
  3. At that time.
    – Why now? Why not take a different goal for now and do this goal later?
    – How does this goal fit into your current life plans and strategy?

Other good questions to ask about your goal are:

  • What is the follow up goal after you finish this goal? What does achieving this goal lead into next?
  • What is your Goal Plan?   (Next post = goal planning!) How do you specifically in detail plan to achieve your goal?

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