Monthly Archives: December 2014

Humanity for the Poor

The Holocaust started because Hitler convinced an entire nation that a certain class of citizen didn’t deserve human rights.  That they were inhumane.  That we shouldn’t see them eye to eye.

In America, one of the first lessons you learn when you enter the city life is to ignore the homeless.  Keep walking, don’t make eye contact, don’t get harassed, don’t acknowledge them.  Sentence them to eventual death by poverty.

We need some humanity for the poor.

However, at the same time, we need humanity for the rich.  Too often when someone who is better off complains or expresses negative emotion, we the poorer do not emphasize with them or validate their right to have emotions because “they are richer, just solve it with their money. Try dealing with being poor: your emotions aren’t valid unless you’re poor.”  This is also wrong.  We need humanity not just for the poor, but for all of us.

We also need humanity for the middle class.  What often happens in the middle class is that they disrespect each other because they aren’t rich or poor so they don’t deserve a second thought.  The middle class then focuses on the rich and/or the poor rather than on each other.  Take care of those you’re in contact with, focus on your own life and care for others in your life.