Monthly Archives: August 2015


From Latin words Circum meaning around and Stare meaning stand.  Around where you stand. That which is in your vicinity.

Circumstance is the word of my life right now, because my circumstances are changing, and as they do change I ponder the juxtapositions.

Circumstances are interesting because at some point you accept them and stop changing them, and at other points you stop accepting them and start changing them.  And the only difference between the two approaches is what is within you, within the mind, within the person. The circumstances haven’t changed: With the same circumstances one person can accept it and not change, and another can reject it and change it.

It is easy to say that circumstances define the person in the sense that circumstances constrain and mold the person, but from this experience I have learned: No, circumstances define the person because the person chooses the circumstances they’re in.

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