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Why does sleeping too much make me feel even more tired?

Q: Why does sleeping to much make me feel even more tired A: “our “sleep clock” as they refer to it is actually a group of cells in a part of your brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. We also refer to this as a circadian rhythm. Sleep is regulated by two processes, the “sleep clock” (your circadian rhythm) and a sleep drive (this builds throughout the day and is associated with a buildup of a neuromodulator called adenosine). If you “oversleep” your sleep drive may be low but your circadian rhythm is thrown off (it’s regulated by consistency and especially waking up at the same time daily). In essence it’s confused. This confusion causes some people to feel more rested and some people to feel more sleepy. One additional curve-ball in this is that if you “oversleep” you may sometimes be waking up in the middle of a sleep-cycle which will also cause you to feel sleepy for a period of time.” – Reddit

Healthy, Happy, Quality Relationships Are the Best Long Term Investment You Can Make

In this TED Talk, the results of a 70+ year study of teenagers from the 1940s to now reveal what the keys to happiness are.  Turns out there’s only one key. The most reliable predictor of health, happiness, longevity, consistent cognitive function is the presence of healthy, happy, quality relationships.