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Understanding Suicide: Brody Stevens

We use Brody Steven’s recent suicide on 2/22/19 as an opportunity to discuss what causes suicide using his tragedy as an example.
My condolences to him and his family during this difficult time.
I hope we can prevent future suicide with the knowledge gained from this video

List of signals you should look for in others to prevent suicide:

  • Career Difficulties
  • Significantly less successful than peers
  • Anger towards people who prevent their success. Anger towards people who are judgmental towards them (an inability to let it go and move on).
  • Financial Problems
  • Lack of Opportunities
  • Attitude: Disrespectful, Unfocused
  • They say “I could use some therapy”
  • They report reasons to have difficulty sleeping.


Dr Phil on Depression

Depression shouldn’t have a stigma attached to it! It’s as normal as having a broken knee. Many people’s depression are justified by their life circumstances (lose job, divorce, etc.) and in fact if they aren’t depressed it’s actually a sign of denial of their life falling apart.

Be more accepting of people going through difficulties!  Medication is a final/last resort.

Better is to help someone work on their life to rebuild it to a better place!

Escaping Abusive Feelings and Reality and Relationships through Thinking

See how I think my way out of a negative life perspective. I found myself feeling overwhelmed by how abusive I was perceiving the world around me and I decided to document my attempted to find a way out.
In this video, I
- Explore 3 Articles to come up with a definition of abusive relationships in the form of a list of descriptions for abusive relationships
- List out all the major categories I have relationships with and determine whether my relationship with them are abusive or not.