Self Worth

How much is my life worth?

People will value you based on their point of view, their level of information, and their belief in you.

Just like if you take a piece of bread and you walk around and ask 100 people how much it is worth, everyone will give you a different price based on their own perspective. They might be hungry and willing to pay for bread, or they might be allergic to bread and unwilling to pay, or they might be making a sandwich and missing a slice of bread that you perfectly can provide and be willing to pay a lot. Each of these people will value you differently.

Do not let a few people skew your view of yourself.

If you find someone who encourages you and treats you better than you think you are worth and pushes you to do more, then don’t let this person go. That is a precious treasure for someone to see more in you than you see in yourself. Keep the people in your life who increase your sense of self worth.

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