Human Nature Lessons

Above all, people want to believe they are good people and they will do every mental trick in the book to believe it. 

Either they will focus on the intent and say they had good intentions so focus on that, or they will say they had good impact and say focus on that. Rarely will they own up when there is a mismatch in intention and impact and apologize for having bad intentions but good impact or for having good intentions but bad impact.  They will focus on the good so that they can sleep at night thinking that they are good people. 

100 Things I am Thankful for Thanksgiving 2019

I’m thankful for

  1. not living in a war zone
  2. having clean water
  3. not living in a crime zone
  4. having sanitation: bathroom with plumbing, timely reliable distant garbage disposal, air tight home with cleaning products
  5. not living near pollution or natural disasters
  6. having clean air
  7. not having a rodent or insect or wildlife problem at home
  8. having clean floors to walk on at home and outdoors
  9. not fearing for my life every moment
  10. not fearing for the life of my loved ones every moment
  11. not facing extortion
  12. not facing death
  13. not facing death threats
  14. not facing abuse
  15. not being abused
  16. not facing homelessness
  17. having music to listen to
  18. not having a toxic work environment
  19. having good co workers
  20. having good friends
  21. having good relationships
  22. getting closure with many people 
  23. making progress
  24. personal growth
  25. the life changing lessons in Asia Dec 2018
  26. milk and cereal
  27. tennis
  28. phone calls while on the road
  29. milk tea
  30. cats, dogs, friendly animals
  31. good food
  32. Humidity I’m adjusted to
  33. Employment income
  34. Helpful kind generous people 
  35. people who listen
  36. people who support
  37. people who encourage
  38. people who notice me
  39. safety
  40. hang outs that you don’t want to end
  41. space heaters
  42. air filters
  43. pleasant times at pleasant meals with pleasant people
  44. vacation
  45. sleep
  46. knowledge
  47. intelligence
  48. decision making skill, and choice
  49. birthday parties
  50. long form compositions
  51. psychological safety
  52. emotional validation
  53. understanding
  54. empathy
  55. sympathy
  56. gifts
  57. help
  58. advice
  59. walks
  60. nice views
  61. good stories, movies
  62. reading
  63. exercise
  64. sport partners
  65. league of legends and people to play with
  66. fashion
  67. art
  68. architecture
  69. design
  70. drawing
  71. gardens
  72. festivals
  73. consciousness
  74. not being in flight or flight mode
  75. sanity
  76. vitamins, nutritional foods
  77. cooking
  78. quality
  79. calm and quiet moments
  80. comedy
  81. thoughtfulness
  82. awareness
  83. certainty
  84. confidence
  85. good smells
  86. spice
  87. instant noodles
  88. egg
  89. frozen vegetables, meals
  90. yogurt
  91. control
  92. google translate
  93. free stuff
  94. minimalism to find what’s important
  95. good toilet paper
  96. nice interior design
  97. when things fall into place
  98. breathing – deep breaths
  99. transportation
  100. communication utilities like the internet 

Happy Thanksgiving!