Rich Vs. Poor – Being Yourself

Being disciplined taught me that displaying or revealing your passions, desires or wants would result in them being used against you in punishment.  When I was younger, authority figures would seek out what they knew about me in order to hurt me most, to break me and force me into obeying.  They’d find what I love and threaten to take it away, or destroy it in front of me as punishment.  As a result, I learned to never, ever, ever under any circumstance love, or show happiness, for fear of it being used against me as leverage in the future.

Poor people have this mindset: if you get to know me you’ll never hire me or work with me.  Rich people have this mindset: get to know be and accept me or we’re not working together.

As a poor person, as a child with no independence, I have no options.  It’s obey or die.  As a result, poor people have the mindset: I’ll change myself to be whoever I need to be to get hired/accepted.

Rich people have the mindset: I need to do what’s best for me, everyone else has to deal with it. Richer children may have grown up being encouraged, allowed to develop and play, to be themselves.  Thus, as adults, they continue this freedom.  Unlike the poor children, who grow up and harbor resentments, and PTSD surrounding much of their life.

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Life is Delicate. Life is Not Easy. Life is about Precision and Accuracy.

Much like how life on Earth is only possible because the earth is in the [circumstellar] habitable zone of the solar system, your life can only exist if it is within a thin range of possibilities.

I have recently learned that when applying for a job, it is possible to be overqualified and rejected in the same way that someone is underqualified and rejected.  Much like how if the earth was closer to the sun, we wouldn’t survive, and if the earth was further from the sun, we wouldn’t survive, having below the required skills for a job means you aren’t hired, but having skills that far exceed the job also means you aren’t hired.  (Why Employers Don’t Want to Hire Overqualified Candidates –

We’ve commonly heard the phrase ‘find balance in your life’ and that is usually talked about within a context of conflict.  Balancing time spent being productive and time spent recovering from the energy spent being productive.  However, this post is about highlighting the importance of balancing one’s abilities within the context of their environment.  Much like picking up a cup to take a sip should not take an hour, that’s too slow, nor should it take a split second, that’s too fast, you should accomplish tasks at a ‘reasonable pace’ to the environment.  However, if you are trying to clear a table of cups, split second cup pick upping might be appropriate, with normal speed being too slow.  At the same time, if the cup is dangerously close to a string that if touched will destroy everything you love, then perhaps taking an hour to be careful in removing the cup is apt.

Find balance within context.  Life demands it.  And life is mean to those who don’t obey.  So if things are going wrong, keep changing the variables to find the right tune.


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Life is Cruel

The world was not created for you or by you.  Remember this fact and make no mistake: there are rules to the game, and they are not set by you.  If you want to win, play by the rules.  If you don’t know what the rules are, learn them.  If there is no-one to teach you, expect to have a tough time. Expect to be treated unfairly.  Deal with it.  And be patient.  Be patient because eventually, you’ll learn the rules.  Be patient because eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to win.  Don’t give in to despair.  Don’t give in to the obstacles and setbacks and unfairness and the cruelty.  Be patient and keep going.

Remember, the world was not created to help you.  You have to help yourself, and you have to play by the rules.  How much you want something means nothing if you go against a rule, because the rule will win.  Make no mistake, find and follow the rules of life and you will find success.  Fail to do so, and you will suffer.

Context: terminally ill patient asks loved one to commit double suicide with them.  According to certain religions, terminally ill patient will die of natural causes and therefore go to heaven.  Terminally ill patient is afraid of death and doesn’t want to enter it alone.  Loved one loves terminally ill patient and so agrees to join them so that they won’t be alone.  However, according to certain religions, because the loved one who committed suicide did not die of natural causes, they will be punished with eternal damnation in hell.  The loved one didn’t follow the rules of a natural death.  And the terminally ill one didn’t follow the rules of the loved one achieving a natural death.  So in the midst of death and despair, two lovers demonstrate love, and are punished dearly for it with separation and torture.

Now I’m not religious, so I am not using this story for any religious purposes. I just use it to highlight how no matter how pure the intention, no matter how strong the desire, no matter how good the plan, if the actions don’t follow the rules of reality, the expected outcome will not occur.  So please, learn the rules of the game and follow them.


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