Overcome Illogical Thoughts of Insecure People

If someone doesn’t like me, it means they dislike me.  No, it just means they don’t like you: whether they dislike you is a separate question.

If something went wrong or someone was feeling bad, it must be my fault.  No, you’re not the center of everyone’s lives: other things are at play.

If people don’t invite you, it doesn’t mean you’re banned–ask to go if you want to and it’s appropriate. (See 4 Kinds of Invitations)

If someone dislikes me, I am less valuable.  No, everyone has their own Self Worth (see What is Self Worth? and Who Am I?) independent from whatever worth other people judge you to have.

If someone dislikes, it means I’m unliked as a person.  No, it means that one person dislikes you, and it doesn’t make your entire existence unlikeable.  Is liking a fruit an objective truth? People are different, some like apples, others like oranges: liking people works the same way, some will like you, some will not, and that’s OK. (Watch the movie Wreck-It Ralph)

If I’m not perfect, I’m horribly imperfect.  No, there’s a range: you could make mistakes once a minute or once a day.  Don’t let one mistake feel like many mistakes, and don’t let mistakes in general make you feel imperfect: everyone is imperfect, not a big deal.

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