Life Lessons June 2014

Hey Readers! Apologies that I am running a year behind! Another project has been taking up all my time, but I intend to catch up on these by the end of the year :)
Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes which harm others.  It doesn’t make you a bad person because it wasn’t done with criminal intent: an innocent mistake doesn’t make you a bad person.
Don’t ask people “why don’t you like me.”  The other person probably doesn’t know because like and dislike are complex decisions heavily influenced by the subconscious, and it isn’t the other person’s responsibility to find out and tell you. Instead, think about traits that likable people have that you admire and work on improving those traits in yourself.
If you want to live, go to sleep. Too often we think the way to having a life is to stay up with friends. No, that’s the quickest way to become sleep deprived, lose vigor and energy during your day, affecting your attention and ability to live in the moment and experience life fully (See Understand Sleep).
Working slower doesn’t improve quality, working thoroughly does. It’s better to be slower as a result of being thorough than to just be slow for the sake of being slow in the hopes that it will improve quality.  I often make that mistake: I think I should set aside more time for a task in the hopes that doing so will result in higher quality work, but then I end up wasting time and getting distracted because there is nothing else to do.  If it’s going to take 10 minutes to do, setting aside 20 minutes won’t make it 2x better.
Friendly reminder that it’s always a good time to practice and improve listening skills.
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