How to Get Promoted

3 Perspectives for Promotion are Work, Relationship, and Business

Work Perspective
* Do your work well
* Do the work of the position you want to be promoted to well
* Make sure the work of the position you want to be promoted to aligns with the priorities of your manager and the company.
* Measure your improvements with written documentation that your manager or other authorities sign off on.

Relationship Perspective
* Get along with your manager no matter what.
* If you don’t like your manager, don’t lash out at the manager. Figure out a way to have a good relationship anyway.
* If your manager is incompetent or makes mistakes, don’t attack your manager for them. Protect your manager, Help and Heal your manager
* Become a strong team with your manager so that your manager will represent you well to the rest of the company

Business Perspective
* The company will only create a job for you to be promoted into if they want that job to exist. So do your homework to figure out what job your company wants to pay for before you start showing your ability to do that job.

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