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Healing leads to Healing, Hurt leads to Hurt

In this video, a daughter talks about how her mother was hurt by men and learned to hurt men back. Then, when her mother meets a man who heals her, she finally heals and stops hurting others.

Several key lessons here are:
Her mother was hurting on the inside, and that manifested into her actions on the outside. This means that if someone is hurtful towards you in your life, that means that someone is hurting on the inside and needs help to heal.
If you can be that healing person for someone else, you can make the world a better place by converting a hurter into a healer.

How to Have a Better Life

I used to think getting the best of everything was the way to have the best life. Learning about fashion taught me I was wrong.

I used to think that if I want to look good, I should pick my best shirt, and my best pants, and my best jacket, and my best shoes, and that would make me look the best possible. I wore this to a fashion consultant and she instantly said: they don’t match. They don’t go together. They don’t look good together. I thought I was presenting my best self and I thought I was looking my best because I was wearing and showing all of my best. This experience taught me that matching things, thinking about how items complement each other, and having things fit has more power than having the best thing in every category.

To look good, I need to have a good outfit. ‘Fit’ is literally in the word outfit. Fit is more important. This idea is true for more than just clothes. It’s true for life as well.

Pick complementary skills. To be the best person possible isn’t to be the best in every category. It’s to be the best at a core, and then be the best in things that complement that core something.

Pick complementary activities. Like being good at sports, and also nutrition to support the exercise, and physical therapy to support the injuries from sports, and sports psychology to support the competitive mindset to win at sports. Those activities complement each other better than being good at sports, and also poetry critiquing, and also ceramic pottery. Or, better example, it’s hard to be the best sprinter and the best long distance runner in the world. The two sports do not complement each other. One requires big heavy muscles that tire out quickly, and the other requires small light muscles that tire out slowly.

Pick personality and character traits that complement each other. In all things, look for fit. Look at the big picture. Don’t just focus on getting the best individual thing. It has to make sense in the context. Recognizing this will unlock your best potential and enable you to do more, get more, be more.