Monthly Archives: June 2019

Needs Then Wants

In this comic, a light bulb wants to be a strobe light. 

The lightbulb tries to live its dream and starts flickering on and off in the living room.

As a result, the light bulb is thrown away by owner for being a malfunctioning light bulb for the living room. 

This is a reminder that reality trumps wants/desires. And that position is everything. If the light bulb was in the position of a strobe light in a night club or bar, then the light bulb would be safe to strobe.

Remember your place. If you need sleep, get sleep. If you need water, get water. If you need fruits/vegetables/protein/fiber, get it. If you need family/friends/relationships, make time for them. If you want to do what you want, do what you need first. If you have to do something to survive, then do that thing. Survival first. Needs first. Then wants.