There are Good People Worth Helping despite the bad

There are good people in the world. When we encounter too many bad people, bad situations, bad environments, it’s easy to forget and so I want to remind us that there are good people in the world. Good people are worth helping.

We must be willing to help bad people in order to help good people because good people are connected to bad people. We are all connected. Helping a good person may help a bad person, and helping a bad person may help a good person. There isn’t a clear cut way to isolate help and purely help good people only.

Helping a bad person isn’t so bad because not only can it indirectly help a good person, but it can help that bad person become a good person. Most bad people are that way because they need help, and with your help you can help change them into the good people they wanted to be in the first place.

Be a model for good behavior. In my life I’ve often found myself surrounded by bad and that makes it hard to want to do good. It feels pointless to do good because the impact is so small and insignificant and unappreciated, but in reality it’s in those moments that it’s the most critical to do good because the world needs someone like you to lead the way and model the good behavior others should follow.

A bad person thinks they are good. Consider the perspective of the bad person to understand why they think they are good, because no-one thinks they are a bad person doing bad things. Understanding why they think they are a good person can help you understand that you have a shared humanity of wanting good things, and it’s just the values and plan that are different.

Play to your strengths. What you value, the way you do things, what you believe is good, continue to do them. You can adjust and adapt them to the situation, but don’t give them up if they are part of who you are. Embrace who you are and love yourself. You are not a bad person for helping bad people. You are a good person for behaving in good ways that you value.

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