Overcoming Fear

My New Year’s Resolution for 2023 is to face and overcome my fears. I no longer want to be held back. I want to rise up thrive grow and achieve success. This is how I plan to overcome my fear:

  1. Defining in objective detail what it is I’m afraid of and be as specific as possible.
    1. Example: Do not say a fear of snakes. Say a fear of a snake bite that results in death.
    2. Example: Do not say a fear of abandonment. Say the fear of the pain of grief, loss, and sorrow that comes from abandonment.
  2. Describe why I am afraid of it. What exactly about the situation do I dislike?
    1. For the snake bite, the real fear is my fear of death and of a scar on the skin. If a snake bit me and I didn’t die and it didn’t make a mark, I could handle the pain of the pinch no problem.
    2. For abandonment, the real fear is my fear of loneliness. If someone abandoned me, but I still had many other friends and family to lean on, I could handle the pain of abandonment.
  3. Make Plans around the fear.
    1. Wear thick clothing around snakes or hikes with snakes. Do research ahead of time for where there are snakes.
    2. Join Clubs and maintain an active Social Life. Make and maintain friendships.
  4. Accept your fear might come true someday and that you did your best. Make a plan for when the worst does occur.
    1. If you are bitten, know you have health insurance, you can call 911. Live each day like it could be your last, so you have no regrets if it is your last day.
    2. Build out your emergency contacts list.

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