Here are 3 ideas to help you achieve success.

  1. To increase the odds of success for a specific goal, ask yourself: Are you interested or committed? If you’re interested that means you’ll do what is convenient, so you might not achieve the goal if it’s too inconvenient. If you’re committed, you’ll do everything necessary to make it work. Committed people are more often successful than interested people. Here’s the Instagram Story I got this tip from:
  1. To achieve goals that require endurance, you focus on technique and not results. For example, if the goal is to run a marathon of 26 miles, don’t focus your attention on counting the miles you have to run. Instead, focus on the running. How does your body feel, how do your legs feel, how is your breathing, etc. The 26 miles you run will come eventually as a result of focusing on the execution details. Here’s the Instagram Story I got this tip from:
  1. To help you get started with any goal, break down the goal into the first two minutes of work you’d do for that goal. By making the work small enough to complete in 2 minutes, you will feel less overwhelmed about getting started. Because the task is simple enough to finish in 2 minutes, you can achieve it and feel success sooner. Feeling success can motivate you to keep going, which in turn can help you build momentum towards achieving your goal.  (11/5/22) Here’s the Instagram Story I got this tip from:

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