Master Your Desires

Sometimes, your desire to have something is rooted in your lack of something. If you have a self identity of lacking something, then the issue is not the ‘not having it’ but the ‘thinking you lack it.’ When you think you lack it as an identity, you should watch yourself to prevent the following harmful behaviors: 1. self sabotage in order to get what you desire 2. the fear of losing it once you get it (which will cause you to never have a moment to enjoy having it, even when you do have it).

This concept reminds me of the idea that if someone says they ‘believe’ something, that means it isn’t a fact. If they knew it was true, they would say it’s fact and not say they believe it’s true.

Similarly, instead of desiring say Happiness, focus on “I currently don’t have happiness” so that later you can say “I currently do have happiness.” If you give too much power to “desiring happiness” then even when you “currently have happiness” you will be stuck in the state of “desiring happiness.”

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