Loneliness Battery

The loneliness battery determines how long you can go alone without feeling alone.  It recharges with you’re connected to other people, and it slowly gets used up when you are separated.

The amount of recharge is based on the number of people you interact with, and more importantly, how connected you feel to those people during the interaction.  You feel much less alone after saying “Hi, Bye” to a few close friends and family, than saying “Hi, Bye” to 100 strangers.

You feel less alone if you have a conversation that is personal, than if you talk about things unrelated to you (small talk).

You charge faster if you converse with someone you believe is honest, genuine, and trustworthy; if you think the connection isn’t real, then the battery won’t charge.

The battery is based on reality and not imagination.  However, recalling fond memories can also remind you of periods in your life where you were connected, and those memories can charge your loneliness battery.

Getting Comfortable with a Friend


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