Conquering Social Event Anxiety

Don’t know what to expect? Google for stories.

Don’t know what to do or how to act?  Google for what to expect, do what you want to.

Afraid? It won’t be as bad as you think: your catastrophic theories rarely come true, and when they do, they aren’t as bad as you think as long as you know what’s important and what’s not: life and safety, values and principles.

Why do you feel this way?  If you’ve never been in a pool, swimming for the first time can feel strange and uncomfortable.  It might take some getting used to.  So practice, expose yourself to it more, and it will grow on you.

Afraid you’ll be seen as awkward? Here’s something I learned over the years: everyone is focused on themselves too much to notice other people. Try to remember someone you know being awkward or weird. Can you? Chances are, you either can’t think of any, or only know of a few, but in all cases, if I didn’t ask you to try and remember, you’d never think about a time when someone ELSE was awkward or weird, you only remember and think about when you YOURSELF were. And this is true for everyone else, so don’t be afraid to be awkward or weird: 1. they won’t remember, 2. MOST of the time, they won’t even know. I think it will surprise you to find out that most people feel awkward or weird, but others don’t find them awkward or weird. It’s only real if people start pointing it out. Even then you don’t have to worry, see 4 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety

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