For Depression

This post has been replaced by: Getting Out of Depression


  • Tradeoff Decisions – Depression
  • Health Checklist: I Feel Bad What Should I do?
  • Bill Murray on Suicide – Youtube   In this video, Bill Murray recounts how when he was starting out in his career as a comedian he performed so poorly on stage that he walked off the stage depressed and suicidal, and how he ended up being inspired by the painting “The Song of the Lark” to continue living because in that painting there is a woman working in a field and there’s a sunrise behind her.  “Look it there’s a girl who doesn’t have a lot of prospects, but the sun’s coming up anyway. And she’s got another chance at it….it gave me some kind of feeling that I too am a person and can get another chance every day the sun comes up”
  • Dr. Phil’s Thoughts on Depression

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