Rich Vs. Poor – Being Yourself

Being disciplined taught me that displaying or revealing your passions, desires or wants would result in them being used against you in punishment.  When I was younger, authority figures would seek out what they knew about me in order to hurt me most, to break me and force me into obeying.  They’d find what I love and threaten to take it away, or destroy it in front of me as punishment.  As a result, I learned to never, ever, ever under any circumstance love, or show happiness, for fear of it being used against me as leverage in the future.

Poor people have this mindset: if you get to know me you’ll never hire me or work with me.  Rich people have this mindset: get to know be and accept me or we’re not working together.

As a poor person, as a child with no independence, I have no options.  It’s obey or die.  As a result, poor people have the mindset: I’ll change myself to be whoever I need to be to get hired/accepted.

Rich people have the mindset: I need to do what’s best for me, everyone else has to deal with it. Richer children may have grown up being encouraged, allowed to develop and play, to be themselves.  Thus, as adults, they continue this freedom.  Unlike the poor children, who grow up and harbor resentments, and PTSD surrounding much of their life.

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