Be Proactively Thoughtful

Up until now, I have been reactively thoughtful.  When something goes wrong, I stop my life progress and I focus on understanding it.  

Moving forward, I need to be proactively thoughtful.  When I am in conversation with people and building relationships with people, it gives a bad impression if I don’t respond to them in the moment and I just ignore or disappear and let the topic hang.  I need to understand and guess and anticipate what they will think and prepare for what they might say before they say it so that I can handle it in the best way to preserve and build and maintain the relationship.  

From this article, I realize that if I ever want to have the skill to go represent a company to the president or to anyone powerful in general, I won’t get the chance to fail and fail and fail and fail and fail until I finally break through and succeed.  I only get one chance to make a first impression to earn the right to come back.  And to guarantee my chances of making a good first impression, I need to be proactively thoughtful and anticipate concerns and address them ahead of time. 

This skill also applies to daily life. Whenever I meet someone, I will have a more successful meeting if I can anticipate their needs and address their concerns beforehand. So I don’t get caught by surprise and instead I am prepared.

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