Protect Yourself When Traumatized

Do not trust anyone with your trauma. When you are weak and sick and ill, there are cruel people who will take advantage of you or derive pleasure from hurting you. Avoid these people.

Do not share your emotional injuries with people who don’t believe you. Give them once chance. If they are skeptical and they think you are attention seeking or lying or making it up, leave them. 

Find someone who will listen to you and believe you and understand you and empathize with you and give compassion.

You are in a weakened state when traumatized. You want help, but you must face the reality that the world is not a kind place and you might not get the help that you need. If you do not face this reality, you will get weaker and weaker as people hurt you more and more.

Take responsibility for yourself by protecting yourself from the harm of others who are indifferent. Remember, these people are not personally looking for you to harm you. They just don’t care about you, and apathy is not active harm.

Find your close friends, your family members who historically have proven they make your life better, or call for support hotlines or use your medical insurance. Whatever you do, do not ask for help from people you cannot trust.

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